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FJS Distributors, Inc. distributes the ASKO Professional Washer and Ventless Condensing Dryer, as well as all LG Washer Dryer Combo models.

All Products are ADA Compliant

Washer Dryer ComobosWasher Dryer Combos

LG Electronics, a leading global consumer products manufacturer, eases laundry hassles with the LG Washer Dryer Combo with SenseClean™.

This advanced and innovative design creates machines that combine a washer and dryer all-in-one space saving compact unit. PLUS spend less / use less - These cutting edge washer dryer combos require less energy, less water, and eliminate the need for venting.

View all washer dryer combos on our LG Washer Dryer website!

StackablesStackables & Side by Sides

Ventless condensing dryers paired with our energy and water saving washing machines are designed to overcome installation obstacles that conventional washer dryers simply cannot. The small footprint and exterior size allow these machines to be stacked or stood side by side. Our stackable washers use 9.3 gallons of water in the normal cycle and have a 5-gallon per minute discharge rate. This low water consumption drops operating costs while the low discharge rate permits the use of existing drain lines.

View all stackable and side by side washer dryers on our LG Washer Dryer website!

ASKO Professional Washer and DryerProfessional Washer and Ventless Condensing Dryer

The ASKO Professional Washer and Ventless Condensing Dryer has the same benefits as our Stackables & Side by Sides with it's space saving design, low water consumption, and Energy Star approved (see our Energy Star info).

View our ASKO Professional washer and ventless condensing dryer on our AskoMidwest website!


These advanced machines combine a washer and dryer... in one unit!  LG Washer Dryer Combos are ventless units that maximize space and efficiency. 

ASKO Professional
The ASKO Professional Washer and Ventless Condensing Dryer feature a stackable washer and dryer that can be installed virtually anywhere.  A ventless dryer combined with a low water consumption washer, prove to be a great solution to difficult installation problems.

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